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Creative Blessings

Using my Canon T3i for the first time, creative glimpse of a walking bridge at the foot of the Rockies.

Using my Canon T3i for the first time, creative glimpse of a walking bridge at the foot of the Rockies.

The journey of everyday life is best lived when capturing all the beautiful, funny, and creative snippets I see and sharing them with the world. And about three months ago as I was finagling with my iphone's camera, I was getting tired of its limitations, bored of Instagram's filters, and disenchanted with the creative VSCO app for my iphone, it all seemed so constricting. I have always loved photography, and for too long I had been suppressed by the iphone's mediocre shooting abilities. On top of that, my wife and I are traveling to Europe for one of her track and field competitions, and I definitely wanted a sweet camera to capture my beautiful wife in action! So, I finally decided that a Canon T3i camera was the perfect fit for me. Thus began the rigorous research, looking for the best deals and saving money for the big purchase. 

A few months went by and I had managed to find a couple camera packages online with the stock lens along with some accessories as perks, just enough to continue peaking my interest and urge me onward to find the best deal. During this time, I was praying for financial guidance, because the camera with the lenses I wanted were pretty spendy :$

Then the moment came two weeks ago, I stumbled onto what seemed to be the perfect deal! I was so excited, but it was about 50% over my budget... typical right? As I'm drooling over the camera, I conjured up the strength to wait on the purchase because it didn't feel quite right; so I waited. A couple days go by and I meet a good friend for coffee, looking for advice, I told him about the camera and how the bill is a bit much. He gave me some solid guidance, and we left it at that.

About 10 hours later, at 9:20pm, I get a phone call from this friend, and he says, "I'm in the neighborhood and I would love to swing by, I have something for you." Puzzled, I tell him to come on over! Now this friend is a real encourager, a creative professional himself, and I figured he was coming to drop an encouraging word for me. By the time I had finished that thought, he was knocking at my door. I swing the door wide open, and I notice he doesn't have anything with him, which confirmed my thought that he was dropping off some words of encouragement. I reach out to greet him, and he pulls his hand out of his pocket, slaps a huge wad of cash in my hand, saying, "Blessings on you, I believe in you, this is half of your camera, go and get it!" It was a moving experience, my wife and I felt so blessed we choked up a bit, then my friend left saying goodnight.

Feeling overwhelmed with this blessing, I go and check online to see if the drool worthy chin dropping camera package was still available... and it wasn't. My heart plunged. As opposed to caving in defeat, I kept searching, and I stumbled onto an even greater drool worthy super chin dropping deal, with two incredible lenses at such a good price it seemed unreal! I quickly contacted the seller, it turned out to be an associate pastor at a local church, and he told me the camera was practically new!! It was primarily used for video, and had a really low shutter count (which is equivalent to miles clocked on an odometer, the less the better:), the deal was unbelievably perfect.

The next day I was able to make the purchase, and ever since then I have been enjoying everyday life capturing all its beauty, humor, and creative glimpses and sharing them with the world. 

Thanks to this creative blessing my faith grows, my design work flourishes, and our Europe adventure is going to be beautifully documented, so stay tuned for glimpses of my everyday life!

Til then, enjoy your everyday lives and appreciate all the little things that make this world so beautiful.